Getting Started

Follow the onboarding process below to register and get an API key to interact with Tesla's API endpoints. Your application can request vehicle owners for permission to view account information, get vehicle status or even issue remote commands. Vehicle owners maintain control over which application they grant access to, and can change these settings at any time.

Step 1: Create a Tesla Account

If you do not have an account yet, create a Tesla Account. Verify your email and set up multi-factor authentication.

Step 2: Submit an Access Request

Click the ‘Submit Request’ button below to request app access. After signing in, get started and provide your legal business details, app name, description and purpose of usage. Upon submitting your details, we will review your request and email you with status updates.

Step 3: Access App Credentials

Once approved, a Client ID and Client Secret will be generated for your app which can be accessed after signing in. Use these credentials to obtain a user Access Token with OAuth 2.0 authentication. Access Tokens are used to authenticate requests that provide private user account information or perform actions on behalf of another account.

Step 4: Start the API Integration

Follow the API documentation and setup instructions to integrate your application with Tesla Fleet API. You will be required to generate and register a public key, request user authorization and make calls per the specifications. Once completed you will be able to interact with the API and start building integrations around Tesla's devices.